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No video game grasp can ever have too many colourful characters to throw at her avid gamers, even if they’re pleasant allies or devious enemies. the internal Sea NPC Codex offers over 50 detailed NPCs from the Pathfinder crusade environment, permitting GMs to target the tale they wish to inform and never the facts for the assassins, cultists, cabalists, and different characters their gamers may well meet alongside the best way. each one access offers not just all of the mechanics had to run the nature in either strive against or social encounters, but additionally an summary of the way that personality matches into the realm of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Among the approximately 5 dozen characters during this publication, prepared for video game Masters to drop into campaigns every time they’re wanted, you’ll locate the following:

• Knights: From the valiant Knights of Ozem to the chaos-smiting Hellknights and the regimented infantrymen of Molthune’s military, this e-book includes no scarcity of knights and squaddies for any war-torn campaign.
• Jacks-of-All-Trades: From Aspis Consortium spies to Pathfinder chroniclers to Sleepless detectives, the expert characters came across inside can serve both good as allies or enemies, counting on the GM’s needs.
• Mystics: whereas the goodly Magaambya arcanists stand against the sinister Blood Lords of Geb and the druids of Uskwood, all 3 mystical spellcasters, in addition to many extra from numerous traditions, are available jointly in those pages.
• Scoundrels: no matter if it’s an murderer from the mysterious Anaphexia or the murder-cult referred to as the crimson Mantis, or a fanatical agent of the Infernal condominium of Thrune, locate the proper hoodlum in your online game the following.

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Those who fail are subjected to the same terrible punishments as any who break the law. _--£�� PATHFINDER CAMPAIGN XETTINfi: INNER 5EA NPC CODEX _ CR 7 XP H E LLKN IGHT S I G N I F E R 2 Medium humanoid (human) lnit +O; Senses Pe rce ption +2 -�-��� --�---- -- -�-- ___ ____ 1 st ( 7/d ay) -burning hands ( D C 1 4 ) , charm person ( D C 1 6 ) , infernal healing'swG, magic missile, protection from chaos, protection from good O (a t w i l l ) -acid splash, bleed ( D C 1 3 ) , detect magic, ghost sound ( D C 1 3 ) , light, mage hand, ray of frost, read magic Bloodline i nfe rnal DEFENSE STATISTICS AC 1 7, touch 1 0, flat-footed 1 7 ( +7 a rm o r) hp 46 ( 8 H D; 6 d 6 +2 d 8 + 1 4) Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +9; +2 vs.

Melee mwk q u a rterstaff +6/+1 (1 d 6-1 ) Ranged l i g ht c rossbow +7 (1 d 8/1 9-2 0) Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 1 4th; concentration + 1 8) 7th (3/d ay)-greater scrying (DC 2 1 ) 6 t h (5/d ay)­ guards and wards (DC 2 0), legend lore, true seeing 5th (6/d ay)-break enchantment (DC 1 9), contact other plane, overland flight, sending 4th (7/d ay)-charm monster (DC 1 8), dimension door, lesser geas, locate creature, mass enlarge person (DC 1 8), scrying (DC 1 8) 3 rd (7/d ay)-c/airaudience/c/airvayance, dispel magic, haste, tiny hut, tongues 2 n d (7/d ay)-detect thoughts (DC 1 6), fog cloud, invisibility, knock, locate object, searching ray 1 st (7/d ay)-disguise self, erase (DC 1 5), feather fall, identify, mage armor, magic missile O (a t w i l l )-arcane mark, detect magic, detect poison, light, mending, message, prestidigitation (DC 1 4), read magic, resistance Bloodline a rc a n e STATISTICS Str 8, Dex 1 2 , Con 1 0, Int 1 6, Wis 1 4, Cha 1 9 Base Atk +6; CMB +5; CMD 1 9 Feats C o m b a t C a s t i n g , E s c h e w M a t e ri a l s, Exte n d S p e l l, G re a t F o r t i t u d e, G re a t e r S p e l l F o c u s (d i v i n a t i o n), H e i g h t e n S p e l l, S c r i b e S c ro l l, S k i l l F o c u s ( K n ow l e d g e [ h i sto ry] ), S p e l l F o c u s (d i v i n a t i o n), S p e l l P e n e t ra t i o n, To u g h n e s s Skills A p p r a i s e +1 4, D i p l o m acy +1 7, K n o w l e d g e (a rca na) +2 1 , K n o w l e d g e ( h i sto ry) +2 6, K n o w l e d g e ( l o c a l ) +1 6, L i n g u istics +1 2, P e rce p t i o n +7, Sense Motive +1 0, S p e l l craft +2 0, Use M a g i c Device +2 1 Languages Abyssal, Ce lestial, Co m m o n, D ra c o n i c, Dwa rve n, Elven, I nfe rnal, O s i ri a n i, Polyg l ot, U n d e rco m m o n, Va risia n SQ a rc a n e b o n d (rin g), b l o od l i n e a rc a n a (+1 DC for m e ta m a g i c s p e l l s t h a t i n crease s p e l l level), g reater l o re, m e ta m a g i c a d e pt (3/d ay), n e w a rcana, l o re + 1 , secrets ( i n s t a n t m a ste ry, secret h e a l t h), true l o re Combat Gear potion of cure serious wounds, scroll of greater heroism, scroll of greater teleport, scroll of shado w walk, scroll of stone to flesh, wand of resist en ergy (5 c h a rg e s); Other Gear l i g h t crossbow w i t h 20 b o l ts, mwk q u a rterstaff, bag of holding (type I, conta i n s 2 8 vo l u m e s of t h e Pathfinder Chronicles'5w6), cloak of resistance +3, h eadband of vast intelligence +2, ring of protection +3, wayfinder1swG, 3 8 g p Venture-captains in the Pathfinder Society are often former Pathfinder field agents who've chosen to retire from active exploration in order to facilitate younger and less experienced agents' endeavors.

Encha ntments Defensive Abilities constru cted, i m p roved eva s i o n; Immune d i sease, emoti o n - based effects, exhaustion, fati g u e, fea r, poison, sleep; SR 24 OFFENSE Speed 70 ft. Melee +2 unarmed strike +1 5/+1 0 (2 d 6 +5) or +2 flurry of blo ws +1 7/+1 7/+1 2/+1 2/+7 (2 d 6 +5) Ranged d a g g e r +1 4 (1 d 4+3/1 9-2 0) Special Attacks fl u rry of b l ows, n a n ite s u rg e (+1 7), stu n n i n g fist (1 5/d ay, D C 22) - �- ��� --��---�-- -� _-_-_ -� - favo red e n e m y a n d b a n e wea p o n s), a n d ro i d s co u n t a s b o t h h u m a n o i d s a n d constructs.

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