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Every civilization has its large questions, these mysteries that experience plagued generations of students. How did humanity upward push from barbarism? Why did the gnomes depart the 1st global? who're the string-pulling veiled masters? what's the Aucturn Enigma, and what unusual powers did it supply the rulers of Osirion? What mystery will be so nice that it ended in the suppression of quantity 5 of the Pathfinder Chronicles? inside of those covers, some of these questions—and way more harmful secrets—are explored at last.

Occult Mysteries shines a gentle at the darkest mysteries of the Pathfinder crusade surroundings. inside this booklet, you’ll find:

• In-depth explorations of 5 of the main debated questions of the Pathfinder crusade surroundings, together with the origins of existence, the exodus of the gnomes, and the designs of the veiled masters.
• Insights into the workings and agendas of 8 mystery societies just like the Anaphexia, the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, and the Knights of the Ioun big name, in addition to principles for becoming a member of their hidden ranks.
• Revelations on esoteric traditions comparable to astrology, numerology, spiritualism, and extra, besides a number of recent principles and personality innovations to aid combine them into your game.
• fullyyt new how one can divine and impression characters’ futures with Golarion’s zodiac, the Cosmic Caravan, in addition to a method for utilizing the harrow deck to motivate game-changing plot twists.
• information on six of the main notorious texts in Golarion, in addition to the hidden powers that lead them to so dangerous.
• a number of concepts for avid gamers, together with new feats and spells, ritual magic goods, the discomfort taster status category, the occult oracle secret, and more.

Occult Mysteries is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder crusade surroundings, yet can simply be utilized in any myth video game.

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The group's most recent step forward came when it entered into an alliance with the Pathfinder Society in 7213 IC (4713 AR). After a century of secrecy, the organization is no longer just a legend from a bygone era. In practice, the Way of the Kirin looks to its sacred spirit animal as an example. Without disclosing their collective identity, members use diplomacy, mediation, and, if necessary, intimidation to seek just resolutions to conflicts and encourage trade by making it fair for all sides.

Location Reg i o n a l ( N u m eria, Osirion, Sodden Lan ds, Ustal av) REQUIREMENTS I n itiation Fee Sacre d Rite of O p e n i n g (see b e l ow) I n itiation Test Sacre d Rite of O p e n i n g (see bel ow) Offerings n o n e MEMBERSHIP Obeisa nce Check Hea l, Knowl e d g e (a rca na, g e o g ra p hy, local, natu re, o r re l i g i on), L i n g u istics, S p e l l craft Service Period 1 yea r 30 "CCVLT MYSTERIES the Night Heralds are a shameful burden from the past that stubbornly resists all efforts to be expunged.

O sirion: Ancient O s irion's obsession with other worlds, particularly the planet Aucturn, led to a great deal of astrology following the reign ofthe Four Pharaohs. Rather than a single unified practice, this resulted in a Other Astrological Events For those able to divine the influence of celestial events, the terrestrial world is a constantly shifting field of energies that appear arbitrary to the uninitiated. Depending on the ever-changing positions of the heavens, certain actions become auspicious, while others become needlessly difficult.

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