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By Patrick Laude

This groundbreaking ebook underlines the primordial richness of language via focusing upon the religious traits in poetry which serve to bridge the human and the Divine.

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As ‘meaning,’ rasa is applied to the words in a letter, in a poem, or even in common speech to indicate the between-the-lines type of indirection and allusive suggestion that is so important in Javanese communication and social intercourse. And it is given the same application to behavioral acts generally: to indicate the implicit import, the connotative ‘feeling’ of dance movements, polite gestures, and so forth. But in this second, semantic sense, it also means ‘ultimate significance’—the deepest meaning at which one arrives by dint of mystical effort and whose clarification resolves all the ambiguities of mundane existence.

26 “Riding this chariot that is the syllable OM, having Vishnu as charioteer, the adept who is devoted to the service of Rudra, moves forward on the path that leads to the Brahman’s heaven” (Amrtanāda Upanishad, 2 [my translation, here and in following citations, is based on Jean Varenne’s French translation in Upanishads du Yoga, p. 148]). 27 Shakti is the principle of becoming and change; as such, it is the immanent aspect of the Divinity, in contradistinction to the transcendent dimension, which is the realm of Shiva.

One may at first be puzzled by the associations U-sattva and M-tamas; it must, however, be borne in mind that light is related to manifestation or the “coming into the open” of Reality, whereas darkness is a symbolic dimension of the mystery of the nondual Essence. Moreover, tamas as demiurgic principle of manifestation is a reverse analogue of the Infinitude of Shiva, since it is essentially by virtue of this infinitude that manifestation takes place. What has been illustrated by considering the auditory symbols inherent to each part of the pranava is also traceable in the graphic representation of OM.

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