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By A.A. Martynyuk, Yu. A. Martynyuk-Chernienko

This self-contained publication offers systematic instructive research of doubtful structures of the next kinds: traditional differential equations, impulsive equations, equations on time scales, singularly perturbed differential equations, and set differential equations. each one bankruptcy comprises new stipulations of balance of unperturbed movement of the above-mentioned form of equations, in addition to a few functions. with no assuming particular wisdom of doubtful dynamical structures, the booklet comprises many primary evidence approximately dynamical behaviour of its suggestions. Giving a concise evaluate of present examine advancements, doubtful Dynamical structures: balance and movement keep watch over information all proofs of balance stipulations for 5 sessions of doubtful platforms basically defines all used notions of balance and keep watch over thought includes an intensive bibliography, facilitating easy accessibility to precise topic components in each one bankruptcy Requiring just a basic wisdom of common conception of differential equations and calculus, this e-book serves as a good textual content for natural and utilized mathematicians, utilized physicists, commercial engineers, operations researchers, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate scholars learning traditional differential equations, impulse equations, dynamic equations on time scales, and set differential equations.

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6 prove its statement. 1) with respect to the moving invariant set A(r). Let x0 be such that r(α) − δ < x0 < r(α) + δ, where δ > 0 is some constant. 6 is satisfied. Denote x > r(α) the condition (3)(a) of the ϕ(t) = V (t, x, η) − δ1 (α), α ∈ S ⊆ Rd , ϕ = δ2∗ − δ1∗ , δ1∗ = min δ1 (α), δ2∗ = max δ2 (α). 30) 36 Uncertain Dynamical Systems: Stability and Motion Control It is clear that ϕ(t0 ) ≥ 0 and ϕ(t) < ϕ at all t ≥ t0 . 6, dϕ(t) < −qγϕ(t) at all t ≥ t0 . dt Hence ϕ(t) < ϕ(t0 ) exp[−qγ(t − t0 )] at all t ≥ t0 .

12). 11) is dissipative, while inside A(r) energy is pumped. 3 Many physical systems are simulated by first-order differential equations. Among them are: fall of a point body with the mass m in a viscous medium with resistance proportionate to velocity; a power grid consisting of one linear constant resistance, a linear constant energy store, and a single external source of energy; processes including chemical changes or compounding processes. In all those cases some parameters are known and/or can be determined uncertainly.

1) with respect to the moving set A(r) are contained in the following statement. 1) < ϕT ( x )θ1 (r)ϕ( x ), if x > r(α) at all α ∈ 1/2 1/2 S, where ϕT ( x ) = ϕ1 ( x1 ), . . 1) > ψ T ( x )θ2 (r)ψ( x ), if x < r(α) at all α ∈ 1/2 1/2 S, where ψ T ( x ) = ψ1 ( x1 ), . . , ψs ( xs ) , ψi ∈ K; (3) there exist constant (s × s)–matrices θ1 , θ2 such that: 18 Uncertain Dynamical Systems: Stability and Motion Control 1 θ1 (r) + θ1T (r) ≤ θ 1 at all α ∈ S, 2 1 θ2 (r) + θ2T (r) ≥ θ 2 at all α ∈ S, (b) 2 (a) and θ1 is negative-semidefinite, and θ 2 is positive-semidefinite; (4) for any r(α) > 0 and functions a(r), b(r) the following relation holds: a(r) = b(r).

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